Aren at Amber Lounge Event

Monaco . Amber Lounge . Elton John Aids Foundation

Amber Lounge







Jean Paul Gaultier De Young Museum Show (video below).
Makeup by Aren for: Marybeth La Motte with Suzy Menke,
Fashion Editor for Int'l Hearld Tribune

Mary Beth LaMotte Bay Area Red Carpet at Jean Paul Gaultier de Young Museum Show San Francisco


Debra Fink Screen International
Cannes Film Festival Amfar Event : Debra Fink, Advertising Director Screen International, Cannes


Starlettes of Cannes Fashion Show Noga Beach

Makeup for Starlettes of Cannes at Noga (Aren on left)

Howard Katz Cannes High Wire Producer

Clients: Highwire Productions, Howard Katz Cannes

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